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This is not an answering machine greeting tape, but a very rare piece of early cell phone history which is certainly worth preserving in our archives. This tape has useful information and special instructions for using the Ameritech Mobile Communications cellular network. Side One also contains a few recordings of the Ameritech Cellular Network, and Side Two contains some custom calling feature recordings and a few recordings from the Ameritech Mobile Message Service (an early cell phone Voicemail platform).



Introduction to Ameritech Mobile Communications

Placing, receiving, ending a call

Making a long distance call

Using your phone in other cities

Wrong numbers, busy signals, special announcements

How to place emergency, operator, directory assistance calls


Using your Ameritech Mobile optional services and features

How to use Ameritech Mobile Message Service

Safety considerations while driving

Important phone security considerations

Who handles your Ameritech Mobile servicing needs?

Thank You Message from Ameritech Mobile Communications

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