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The Novelty Archives

Ameritech Mobile Answer TapeAt The Sound of the BeepAt The Sound of the Beep Holiday
At The Sound of the Beep HollywoodAt The Sound of the Beep RadioAt The Sound of the Beep Soap Suds
Britney SpearsCelebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 1Celebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 2
Celebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 3Celebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 4Celebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 5
Celebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 6Celebrity AnswerAlls Vol. 8CelebrityPhone III
CelebrityPhone IVChick Hearn's Telephone TapeChristmas Messages
Classic Phonies LegendsClassic Phonies Movie StarsCrazy Calls Classics
Dr. DementoEvery Excuse in the BookFunny Phone
GarfieldHalloweenHey Vern! Volume 1
Hey! Wait for the Beep.Jane Barbe (Bell System Time Lady)Lorraine Nelson  (AT&T Audix)
Musical MadnessNo Hang-ups! 60 MessagesOver 45 Messages & Sound Effects
Pat Fleet (AT&T Lady)Phonies Holiday MessagesPhonies Rich Little Four
Phonies Vol. 6Phone Losers of AmericaRadio Shack Comedy Edition
Radio Shack Comedy Edition 2Radio Shack Julie Dees ComedyRadio Shack Music Edition
Radio Shack Home/Office EditionRadio Shack Rich Little ComedyRadio Shack Rich Little Comedy 2
Rich Little ImpressionsRich Little Phonies Vol. 3Rich Little Phonies Vol. 4
Rock N' Roll Answering MachineSpongebob SquarepantsTeleFart Message
Trek Answering MachineWild West Messages (feat. Gusty Winds)Your Greetings! :-)
You Rang? Bugs BunnyYou Rang? Daffy DuckYou Rang? Holiday Messages
You Rang? Porky PigYou Rang? Sylvester & Tweety

The Novelty Archive is made up of hundreds of recordings from Cassettes, Compact Discs, and Archived MP3 Recordings. Some of the items found in the archive include:  Crazy Calls, Dr. Demento, CelebrityPhone, Celebrity AnswerAlls, Chick Hearn Telephone Answering Tape, You Rang?, Phonies, Hey! Wait for the Beep!, Radio Shack, Rich Little, At The Sound of The Beep, Pat Fleet Operator Recordings, Garfield, & Much More! Note: most of the recordings in the archive were archived from old cassette tapes; many of them are several decades old as a result, the sound quality will vary depending on the age and condition of the tape. 

This archive is FAR FROM COMPLETE!!!  It is a work in progress.  You can keep up with new additions to the archive by liking us on Facebook, & subscribing to our E-Mail Newsletter.

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