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Help & F.A.Q.

Q. I can't find the audio player, where is it?
A. It's next to the titles, however if you do not have Macromedia
Flash Player installed, it wont appear.

Q. Can I use a device other than my computer to view this site?
A. Maybe. It may work, but if your device does not have Macromedia
Flash Player, it wont work.

Q. I can play some audio files, but not others. Why?
A. I likely means something is wrong on my end, please send me an email
and let me know so I can correct the issue.

Q. I don't have Flash Player, where can I get it?

Q. I got error 404 when visiting your site. What happened?
A. It means you have reached a file or page that never existed, was
deleted, or has moved. Try using the search box on the homepage
to find what you were looking for.

Q. This website design is a bit dated, why?
A. Due to network limitations, I designed an older style layout to
use less bandwidth, and run faster. The amount of traffic was too much
for the previous more modern design on my current server.

If you still need help, Email me.


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