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Shake Well Before Using

Answering Machine Police

The Twilight Zone

Talk Is Cheap

Flushed Again

A Dog's Revenge

Hi Sexy!

On The Road Again

A Fair Fight

Echo, Echo, Echo, Etc.

Your Three Minutes Are Up

The Cat's Meow

Do Not Remove

Total Sucker

Naughty Burglers

S.O.B Airline

Some Diet


Hokus Pokus



Too Busy


Thrice Told Messages

Famous Message

Bye-Bye Boss

Down In The Mouth

Phoney Investment

Piled High

Off Early

Business at Stake

On The Go

What's For Lunch

Busy, Busy, Busy

Last Chance

Closed For The Day

Drop In Anytime

Clowning Time

Heated Discussion

One Giant Step

Computer Friendly

"R-Rated" Go!

"R-Rated Greetings"

These greetings are not appropriate for children under 18.  If you are under 18, please Go Back!

Hot Springs

The Jacuzzi

Say What

I Really Blew It

The Hots

Soft & Furry

Answering Machine Genie

Getting Nailed

Over One Billion Served

Frozen Stiff

Take It Off

Great Sex

Getting Ready

Leg Women

Sex Drive

Strip Poker

Mary Christmas

Evil Scientist

Loose Girl

Amateur Gyencologist

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