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Dial & Complain

Right to Remain Silent

Twilight Phone

African Drums


Jibba Jabba

Heavy Breather

House of Horrors

Rowdy Crowd

Big Ben

Stormy Night

Jazz Club

Belly Dancer

Honky Tonk

French Baroque

Broadway Opening

Party Time


Snow Blizzard



Echo Canyon

Conventional Message


Heavy Traffic

Man Climbing Stairs

Visitor at Door

Office Phone Ringing

Fire Alarm

Sexy Laugh

Group Laughing

Birds in a Zoo



Austrilian Outback

At the Shore

Swarm of Flies

Ocean Liner

Space Laugh

War Sounds

Bugle Charge

Cuckoo Clock

Submarine Dive


Grandfather Clock

Old Steam Horn

Outer Space


Sound Effects


Crying Puppies

Rooster Crowding

Cooing Doves


Bugle Call


Barking Dogs

Horse Neighing

Lion Roar

Racing Cars

Speed Boat

Bag Pipes


Whistling Shells

Dentist Sounds

Dripping Water

Pistol Shots

Truck Horn

Rain on Leaves

Wind and Thunder

Men Laughing

Intercom Paging


Kettle Boiling

Poker Machine Jackpot

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